2017 Southwest Kansas Corn Silage

Video credits:  Rocky Ormiston of Ormiston Farms.  Thanks Rocky!

Success With Safety

The KB Custom Ag Service’s “Harvest Safety First” program instituted in 2015 continues to carry great success in meeting our company’s safety goals.  A 2015 grant from the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) Grants Program was used to foster our goal to be “champions” of worker safety and health in an industry […]

KB Custom Ag Receives Safety Grant from Ag Safety and Health Council of America!

The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) Safety Grants Program has awarded KB Custom Ag Services with a $10,0000 safety grant intended to foster new “champions” of worker safety and health.   From an article in the Progressive Forage Harvester Magazine, “Few farming operations invite as many different opportunities for injury or fatality as […]


TEXAS BOUND!!!!  Our 2015 silage harvest kicked off in Central Texas last week.  More silage cutters and trucks pulled out of the yard today headed to Dalhart, Texas after what seemed and felt like a very brief winter.  We’re both anxious and excited to start our 2015 silage harvest run, and look forward to the […]